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Proprietary Software as a Service


With a focus on how information technology can give a significant leg up to stakeholders of a niche industry - we began with Out-of-Home (OOH) Media.  The continuum of Transit Media, Outdoor Media, Ambient Media, Transient Media excites us, as does the concept of Omni-Channel Media (that should be supporting Omni Channel Retail) - a.k.a. ‘through-the-line’ campaigns.

With a penchant for one2few and one2one brand activities, we believe ‘intimate media’ helps engage consumers effectively, creating personal memory points - especially at retail points-of-sale.  

Did we hear Retail Media?!

Innovation is the corner-stone of our work while enabling media owners, installers, sellers, planners, buyers, payors on a unified collaborative platform www.etcetc.xyz - where everything communicates, everything is considered.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Cyber Security Solutions

Third Party Solutions


Customers are increasingly engaging with brands over the internet through multiple devices (laptop, smartphones, kiosks,IoT). And, employees are spending longer hours on the internet and that too from multiple devices.  

This is exposing their organizations to multiple and unimaginable risks related to cyber security.   

In line with our focus on governance and ease-of-doing-business, OiMedia has added another business suite,  - Cyber Security. Especially AI based solutions from the world's leading brands.

In December 2019, OiMedia became a Value Added Partner for the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology - Darktrace.

In April 202, OiMedia inked a deal to represent   

Lucideus - the pioneers of Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) 


Bespoke Solutions

 In our urgency for Digital transformation, we should not assume 'isko lagaa daalaa toh life jhingalala'...i.e., life will be transformed if I deploy this (piece of tech).   

Two additional critical pieces complete the troika - Technology, People and Process.

To ensure full clarity in Digital Transformation, OiMedia, offers add-on, bespoke services in Technology (Systems Integration, Data Standardization and Taxonomy), Consulting (Business Analysis, User Experience Mapping/Definition, User Interface Design) , Training (on-cloud and in-person), and Staffing (on-site, off-site)